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Seeking therapy is an important decision.

Finding the right therapist is equally important. 

The Center for Psychotherapy is primarily the office of Shemsi Prinzivalli, LPC, BCTS. But various practitioners are a part of an integrative team approach when needed. Shemsi, and practitioners she works with, believe
 that therapy should be individualized to the person, with clear results that improve the quality of life for all involved.

Practical in approach and integrative multi-modal in philosophy, the work focuses on bringing out the inner potential within each individual.  We believe that satisfaction and contentment in life can be found regardless of the past, or present circumstances.

Within the right setting, it is possible to restore happiness and communication to a relationship, and contentment in life to an individual.

We utilize a multitude of modalities and specialize in personalized work for couples and individuals. We work with anxiety or depression, couples therapy, sex therapy, addictions or food issues, family and parenting issues, and underlying stress of most types. 

Shemsi 's work addresses patterns of the subconscious mind, and dynamics which drive troubling behavior. She believes that working with the unconscious patterns in life and in relationship is an essential aspect to making real change, and it does not have to take years to have results. Additionally, teletherapy is available once an in-person relationship has been established.

For more information you can reach her directly at  njcenterfortherapy@gmail.com  or 212-316-5483

Now Offering Tele-Counseling (FaceTime/Skype/Phone sessions)