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Our Philosophy


Our philosophy is based on the belief that happiness or contentment can be found regardless of the circumstances which life presents on a daily basis. Sometimes this requires a willingness to receive some extra support or updated skills, which we all need at various times in life. Sometimes that support needs to be in the form of good therapy, sometimes the right medication or lifestyle changes, sometimes communication tools to improve a relationship with a spouse, child, or loved-one...and usually a unique combination these and other things.

We provide a respectful and individualized approach to therapy, specializing in couples and sex therapy, addictions, anxiety, depression, shame, communication, and family issues. No known recipe exists for creating happiness, but there are many tools to facilitate well-being.

By individualizing the work, we draw on a multiplicity of skills and evidence-based approaches to support positive change and success. While we specialize in advanced skills in working with the subconscious mind, we also utilize cognitive-behavioral therapy, 12-step work, object-relations therapy, psychopharmacology referrals, pain management, family therapy, lifestyle changes, psychospiritual counseling and much more. Individual, couples and sex therapy are available, as well as compassionate intervention, addictions assessments, eating disorders assessments and individualized evaluations.

By providing an integrative, respectful, and individualized approach, we help our clients address the hidden barriers to well-being, happiness and success.

Treatment specializations include:

• Couples/marital therapy and sex therapy
• Evidence-based individual therapy
• Addictions and related depression, anxiety and grief issues
• Executive psychotherapy for work stress and related issues
• Parenting for divorced partners, mixed families, adoption issues
• Integrative 12-step supported substance abuse treatment and relapse prevention
• Advanced psychotherapy for those who have attempted therapy in the past
• Eating disorders and other addictive behaviors

• Core Dialogue and advanced work with accessing the subconscious mind

For more information, please email Shemsi Prinzivalli at njcenterfortherapy@gmail.com, or call the office at 212-316-5383 (this is a New York exchange but the office is in Northern New Jersey, not Manhattan.

The Center for Psychotherapy is LGBT-aware and welcoming.